Anonymous: What!! Who is Sharon and why did she murder Brit 


sharon is brittany’s mother. she lived with brittany & simon for a long time & was with them during each of their deaths & didn’t call for help until it was way too late. she was financially dependent on brittany & a little while before brittany died she told her mom she had plans to move to new york with simon (her husband) - which would force sharon to actually support herself. in the months that followed she forced brittany to create a will that would leave everything to sharon & nothing to simon, & as brittany got sicker & sicker (from poisoning, check out the 2013 autopsy reports) - sharon did NOTHING to help her. she even told brittany to avoid going to a hospital because she said it’d be bad publicity (brittany didn’t have a good rep in hollywood from 07 - 09 bc of simon, who was a con-artist & caused problems on the set of all of brit’s films). and before you know it, brittany died. even as brittany told her mom that she was dying & that she loved her, brit’s mom claimed she didn’t believe it & didn’t call for help until hours later when it was too late. next thing you know, she’s auctioning brit’s stuff & claiming it was “mold” in the home that killed brit. but how would a cancer survivor be the healthy one in a home with a young couple that supposedly got sick from the mold? it’s not plausible. and months later when simon died, she admitted to police that she was sharing a bed with him. she shared a bed with her daughter’s husband! then she picks up & leaves and is nowhere to be found until brittany’s father suggests she killed brit & simon.

Now, if she touches like this

Will you touch her right back?

bro remember when u listened to this song in the commons area of your middle school and you had a purple and black zebra case on your ipod and your background was a cartoon monster or cupcake and muffin that said ‘muffins are just ugly cupcakes’and you were wearing glittery converse and you teased and straightened your hair and wore a bow in itand you told everyone u got the bow at hot topic but you really got it at claires for 6.95 and you had like a whole dance choreographed in your head to this song but you never actually did it and then you went and talked about nightmare before christmas with your friend for an hour over skype

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I literally cannot picture a young Danny Devito.  All I can imagine is a slightly smaller Danny Devito.


…what the fuck


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if I ever fall into a coma someone please come secretly tweeze my eyebrows so I can make all the nurses hella jealous of my unconscious eyebrow game. 

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